Teaching Assistant

Econometric Method III (Ph.D. Core Course) Spring 2021 Eval: 6.93/7.00

"Yaojue is an excellent TA. She has a very good command of the subject and her explanations make the material very clear. She is always very prepared. She has made a great effort throughout this quarter by uploading additional videos on ilearn. I am really grateful that she has been the TA for this course."

"Yaojue is one of the best TAs I've ever had. She understands the subject really well and thoroughly clarifies the lectures. Most importantly, I greatly appreciate that she posted additional recording videos after each week's discussions. This way, she doesn't have to rush through the discussions. She is absolutely amazing."

"Yaojue is definitely one of the best TAs. She explains everything clearly and always tries to provide the best answers to students. Yaojue's pre-recordings are extremely helpful for us to understand the homework and lots of difficult materials from the lectures."

"She is a very resourceful TA and extremely helpful to the students. Her passion to teach and caring attitude worth imitating. I wish her all the best in her future academic endeavors."

"It was a great learning experience. One of the best TAs I've ever had. Thank you so much."

"The best TA ever. Very helpful, very patient, very organized."

Statistics for Economics Winter 2021 Eval: 6.50/7.00

"Yaojue was very knowledgeable about the material and helped to clarify many formulas and how to use in practice during her discussion. I watched every discussion video and found it to be very helpful when I wanted to check my answers, got stuck at any point in the problem and how to better understand what the question is asking."

"Yaojue Xu was very organized for her discussion section. The content she provided was very helpful in clarifying and solidify what I had learned in lecture. Overall very knowledgeable and a great TA."

"Ms. Xu really helped with my understanding of this course with her office hours and discussions. I think I really understood the material and content has helped my overall motivation to do assignments."

"Yaojue was always prepared and organized. She used the class time effectively. Her teaching is clear and understandable. Overall, a great TA!"

Intermediate Macroeconomics Fall 2020 Eval: 6.65/7.00

"Yaojue was an excellent TA to have for Econ 103. She is always prepared with questions to have on sight with us and she explains thoroughly when answering practice problems for the class. Rather than justing stating "the answer is ...", she goes in detail by referring back to the chapter's materials with page numbers and graphs. I enjoyed having her as my TA because of how engaged she was when teaching us and she always answered our questions if we had any."

"Yaojue was helpful in class and during office hours. She went over materials in a way that is easier for us to understand. When going over answers of our homework, she would always refer back to the slides of the lecture, so we understand which concept the question was about. She encouraged us to participate and is overall an effective TA."

"Yaojue was well organized and presented the information well. She answered any questions students might have and went over any materials a student might be confused about. Overall a great instructor!"

"I really enjoyed this discussion and I found them to be a very good instructor. They answered all questions very thoughtfully and thoroughly. They answered my emails very quickly and I had no issues. I would definitely take a course with them as the instructor again."

"Yaojue Xu will not hesitate to answer students' questions and her explanations for the homework questions were clear and understandable. She was extremely helpful and always made sure to ask if students had any questions after each homework problem. She is the best TA."

"Kind TA and is always willing to explain material. Always available every discussion to answer questions. Also, she is very good at communicating with students and responding as quickly as possible."

Introduction to Microeconomics Spring 2020 Eval: 6.43/7.00

"Yaojue was very helpful in further explaining the concepts from lecture. If we had any problems, we could email her and she would respond as soon as possible. She really knew the material and was able to simplify it to us."

"She gives useful feedbacks on assignments and is very well educated on each topic. She give out great explanations and goes over the topics that were covered in class well."

"She is a good TA. She is very attentive to students and will respond/help relatively quick. She can explain concepts well and does a good job answering questions. Overall a good TA."

"Instruction was clear and understandable. Videos were always a helpful resource and assignments connected material to outside world."

Intermediate Macroeconomics Winter 2020 Eval: 5.71/7.00

"Yaojue was a great instructor in the discussion. She is very thorough and is always offering up different ways to solve problems. I find this especially helpful as it reinforces the concepts in class. Yaojue is beyond helpful in office hours and alleviates any worry a student might have when it comes to economics. Overall it was a pleasure to have Yaojue as a TA."

"Teaching methods were great, fun, and very beneficial. Material covered during class helped a lot during exams and made exams easy to score in. Any questions I asked was answered clearly and explained with examples. Would recommend taking this class."

"Yaojue is friendly and energetic during 8 am discussion session. She is very methodical and goes into depth when explaining the content. She is a great TA."

"She was amazing. Extremely accommodating and was a big reason why I'm able to pass this class. I appreciate everything she has done for us as students!"

Introduction to Microeconomics Fall 2019 Eval: 6.00/7.00

"Instructor Xu does her work well and explains all the additional concepts that professor Lang assigns. She goes through the problems on the worksheet that is passed out and explain every one of the problems. She s enthusiastic as well and creates a healthy learning environment."

"She knew the course material extremely well. I appreciated how she would show and solve the problems multiple ways and would take her time to make sure we understood. She would draw many graphs and explain things which made it easier to understand."

"The classroom was helpful in further examining and developing the items studied in class. Reviewing subjects and lessons. Her worksheets and explanations were very helpful and helped me in better understanding the subject."

"Definitely a great TA. She always made sure everyone understood the material before moving on and encouraged students to ask questions and participate to create a more engaging environment."

"One of the best TA I met in UCR. When I face some economic problems, she always can reply me immediately."

"Ms. Xu was extremely helpful in micro concepts that were hard to understand in lectures."

Introduction to Macroeconomics Spring 2019 Eval: 5.67/7.00

"I think she did a pretty good job in the discussion. The times I attended the discussion was because I did bad on my discussion online and I have questions. Therefore, I would attend to the discussion and she will clarify all those questions I had. And I would left have a better understanding of the materials."

"From the first day of discussion, Yaojue was extremely nice and explained things students did not understand. She is really great at accommodating to student needs."

"You are very good in your explanation and guidance of topics."

"She was really helpful and nice."